Today I’m a teacher. I guess its part of my personality, at least that’s what online personality tests have told me: “counselor”…
I gave a midterm in my college class last night…the kids hated me, I fear, as they always do after the first test. See, I’m the friendly adjunct; very casual class with lots of interaction and guest speakers. I warn them again and again that they need to keep very good notes, ’cause any of that info could show up on the test…but then they’re always surprised and upset when it DOES show up and they don’t get a good grade ’cause, well, THEY’RE CLUELESS! They think they can sit and be entertained in class, but not soak anything in, I guess. And I’m only testing on the really main points, mind you…Maybe it’s generational? They’re so used to sitting in place and being entertained?
I’m a teacher at home, too. Trying to teach a scruffy stray that we’ve adopted to “come”. Trying to teach our other dog to not be “mommy deaf” and do as I say. Trying to teach my 11-year old to do his homework independently, rather than require constant supervision. Teaching my high schooler how to be creative. Teaching my college daughter how to manage money and how to choose the right friends….and how to remain safe, healthy, and sober at school! Heck, I’m even still trying to train my husband of 22 years! (Okay, he’s given up on me; I’m untrainable). So, today, I’m a teacher.