…a runner. I don’t feel much like one, but I guess I qualify since only about less than 10% of the population probably runs on a regular basis, like I do. I do run 3 times a week, 52 weeks a year, with a good, diverse group of people. We have a fire chief, an elementary teacher, a realtor, a high school teacher, a h.s. football coach, a business owner, me, in advertising, and my dog. Makes for some interesting 5:30am conversation sometimes! Right now we’re training for next weekend’s mini-marathon. I do one twice a year, as a carrot to keep myself out there. And believe me, I need that carrot when its pitch dark outside and 15 degrees or so in the middle of winter and my bed is so cozy and warm! I also need to know that all those people are waiting for me (well, they don’t usually wait…I sometimes have to sprint to catch up 🙂 )
No, I don’t particularly enjoy running; I always feel like I’m the slowest one in the group, stumbling to keep up, with various injuries (right now nursing a very sore achilles tendon). But I keep out there, week after week. Why? (good question !) 2 reasons.
1. Because its good for me. I have a terrible metabolism, so it keeps everything moving (!) and also I know the regular exercise is good for everything else about my health, especially as I’m getting older (mid-40’s). I’m holding colon cancer, obesity, heart problems, etc. all at bay!
2. I know its such a good example for my children. I am proud for them to see me up and out a couple of very early mornings a week, before work, getting in some good, regular exercise. We don’t talk about it as such, but its one of those subtle parenting things….lead by example! Just the discipline of it is good for them to see, I think.
Oh and 3.) its really good for my dog, too, who tends to be hyperactive when he’s not gotten some good exercise.