….a mom. The mom of a college kid, to be exact. Well, I have a school-ager and a high schooler, too, but today I’m thinking about the freshman in college. Interesting how we go through various phases in parenting (and all with no training, I might add). Right now, my husband and I have rather swiftly moved into the “parenting by i.m.” phase. Instant messaging, for those who are still a bit behind. My parenting has gotten down to 4-minute cell phone conversations and 2-minute back-and-forths on i.m. I try so hard to inject little bits of wisdom into my ever-so-short conversations; things like “sometimes the people you think are your real friends, don’t turn out to be the best of friends after all…remember how Andria turned out to be such a great friend on moving day…who would’ve guessed!” and “I know you’re not eating properly…are you at least taking your vitamin every day?”. Our daughter is just loving being “on her own” and away from rules and boundaries…but her dad and I are not necessarily loving feeling so “out of control” and yes, even cast aside. Oh yes, she called when she needed her prescription refilled, and when she needed a ride home for Fall Break…but its not quite the same as being there every day for the mundane things.