….tired of political stuff! Wow! I work in it, too. I’m placing advertising across the state for a gubernatorial candidate and the race is really neck-and-neck. There’s been some mud slung, and lots of money thrown around, and (whew!) its amazing. Adults act exactly the same in the real world as they did when they were about 7, on the kickball field. “He said that” and “he did that to me” and “well, I’m gonna…” Isn’t it amazing?! Also amazing that, once again, our presidential election is also neck-and-neck. The country, once again, divided. Even my family is divided! How can my sister, who was born from the same 2 parents and raised in the same loving, middle-class Midwestern home…have grown up to have such differing views from my parents, my 2 other siblings, and myself? I just like to sit back and shake my head and ponder how interesting it all is. Sure, I have my opinions on who should win and why, but more than that is the fascination I have in just watching people go at it! Its funny to me, because people always develop their opinions with, really, very little factual information. Opinions are developed from the ads they see…hey, folks! I WORK in marketing, and I can assure you that ANY facts and figures can be massaged to sound any way you want them to.
(sigh) Its all rather exhausting. I put the country in God’s hands and hope that in His own wisdom, it will all turn out okay in the end. What song said “We’re only in this world for a short time”?
Anyway, I urge you, as a voting American, to do your own “fact search” and quit relying on the media to supply you with enough information to make your decisions. Go to http://www.factcheck.org, for example, or find other OBJECTIVE sources of information so you can be really informed…its your country and its important!!