Don’t you hate cold, dark, rainy Monday’s? Its hard enough to get motivated to head to work on a Monday, but when its a day tailor-made for remote-controls and sweatshirt material…well, I have a hard time being excited about anything.

My thought for today: Be true to yourself. Others will disappoint you occasionally, so you have to remember to be good to your own self, as you can only really count on your own self. (Well, I can count on my God, too, but that’s another blog-day.) Birthdays, for example. When you’re little, mom makes a big deal out of it, inviting all the relatives to partake in yummy cakes with candles and loads of cool birthday toys and new clothes. But as you age, you slowly realize that you just don’t get those same birthdays any more. So, you start buying yourself a birthday present, just so you KNOW you’re getting what you really want. Once in awhile you get a great surprise from a loving spouse or eager child, but there might be the disappointing vacuum-cleaner presents, too, so recognize the “be true to yourself” thing and move on! And know that the things you’re interested in, and the things that are important to you (the things that you really have feelings about)just don’t always register with your friends and family. They mean well, I’m sure…but fall short of our great expectations. They disappoint without even meaning to, because they just don’t realize the depth of feeling you have for the things you do. You want them to be excited or at least support you in the things you do….but it just doesn’t happen like we imagine. They aren’t gonna be there with signs and banners, Mom…not like you are with your own kids. You’ll be disappointed if you think they will be. Does this sound so philosophical that you’re not even following me one bit? If you get it, please write me back and let me know!