Madison Avenue read this…..Here I am. Your worst nightmare. Catch me if you can. Easy to categorize one day, hard to reach the next. Oh yes, I’m that suburban homeowner and mother to 3 pre-teen and teen-aged children, so you can be sure I am doing my best to bolster the American economy. But I think I often mystify even the most savvy marketer.
Consider this: I did buy the apples and caramel dip that Wal-Mart so cleverly displayed at the checkout counter. Okay. Chalk me up for about $5.00 on that impulse. But sorry, folks, I’m not buying that new Coke pack of 15 cans, on the end-aisle display for the same price that I used to be able to buy a whole 24-can case! $3.99 for 15 cans is no longer a bargain, friends. That’s because they have me too well trained to wait for the $4.99 24-pack sale that’s sure to come, if I’m just patient.
And what about clothing? I’m a professional working woman, dual-income family, with plenty of department store charge cards and my own American Express. I should be out trolling the mall about every weekend, shouldn’t I? I need to stay current in fashion, and I can pretty well afford it. But no. Its not true. Last thing I bought was an impulse item, purchased in a hurry on my way to a lunch appointment, because I had an extra 15 minutes to kill. Okay, it was a pair of pants that I needed at that moment, since I’d spilled something on the ones I was wearing. And yes, last week I did purchase a couple of things at a local department store’s sale. Not much return on investment on me, tho; everything was marked down and down again, as they cleared it away for the next season.
My marketing magazines tell me I’m just about the perfect demo, as a female 25-54, for just about any purchasing. And Lord knows I do buy a lot of stuff, in a lot of different categories. But, I don’t think I’m too loyal to brands (except Tide, which my mom always used…and if All is much cheaper when I’m out, then I’m no longer loyal to Tide)…I don’t even buy the same toothpaste every time! And I shop many, many different stores for the “stuff” I need; pretty much on a whim, or where I am at the time.
Advertising? Here’s the deal. I work in a part of the advertising industry; formerly sales, and now media placement. So, I’m everywhere. I read it all, see it all. Newspapers? Well, sometimes, but not consistently. TV? Well, a couple of shows per week that I watch with my sons….certainly not the ones that are supposed leaders in my demo! Billboards? Well, only the good, creative ones. Magazines? Yes, lots of magazines, but a very diverse collection, ranging from Dog Owner to decorating to Reader’s Digest to Sports Illustrated for Kids. Radio? I get bored with a station pretty quickly, so switch on a weekly basis.
See? I told you I’m a marketer’s worst nightmare! 🙂