It scares me to death. Unemployment has to be one of the worst things to a healthy American. I have a great job, but am merely a contracted employee, with my project just about complete. That probably means I’m out of a job in just a couple of short weeks. There is the possibility that I could stay, but we haven’t confirmed that yet; its a big “maybe” and try as I might, I can’t push the envelope any further. That means just one thing; I am searching for a new job….one of the most undesirable things for me. See, I am of the age and of the salary level, that you can’t just find something easily. I’m also of the age that I’m getting pretty picky. And that makes me feel guilty. My family depends on my (substantial) income, and the jobs I could get in sales, etc. that would continue to provide that (substantial) income are not jobs that I want anymore. I no longer want to push every month to attain that elusive goal. It takes so much of the pleasure out of meeting and working with people, and I hate having someone over my shoulder, criticizing my every move. But, the jobs that I’ve found that don’t have that goal aspect…well, they just don’t pay as much! So, I’d be happier, but poorer. What an unfair decision to have to make. Why can’t I just get paid…well…for doing the things that I truly enjoy; making a house a home, raising my kids and pets, relating with people.