Fall Break. I don’t ever remember having a Fall Break from school; Thursday and Friday off, for a total of “4 stay-home days”, as my son would say. As I sit here at my desk, spending tens of thousands of media dollars on various tv and radio stations across the country, my son has gotten to do the following: (and this is just TODAY!)
1. Had a friend spend the night; they played Madden’s Football on X-Box and tee-hee’ed their way thru various joke websites (www.eyetricks.com and http://www.addictinggames.com), then had waffles for breakfast, which they shared with the dog.
2. Went with Dad to a car dealership, where he got to get a ride in a cool yellow Mustang convertible.
3. Came to Mom’s office, where he was treated to candy and lunch out.
4. Played football in the street with 9 other boys.
5. Went to another friend’s house, where they played more football with different guys, and basketball….etc. ad exhaustion. And its not even 6pm yet! What a life to lead! Wouldn’t it be nice to be back there?