….is pretty distasteful to me, really. I hate standing in lines. I hate incompetence. And, I hate inefficiency. All of those are very present, especially in this year of high voter turnout. At my new polling place (we moved this summer), there were 2 precincts present. One, had absolutely no line. You walk in, you vote, you leave and you’ve done your civic duty.
Of course, my precinct was NOT that way, tho we were at the same location. My husband and I arrived at 6:20am…very close to opening, right? We waited in line for 1 hour and 20 minutes! That’s nearly 1 minute per person…I was voter # 117. What possibly took so long? It was the fact that there was only one book to sign in. You’d think that since they KNOW what precincts have large numbers of people and a history of voter turnout, that they could use, say THREE books; one for names A-G, H-N, and O-Z or something. Is that so difficult to figure out? Why are things run so inefficiently? Am I the only logical person on the face of this earth? It seems that way sometimes!
Actually, no, the McDonald’s people have gotten it down to a science, getting people served, in and out, in a quick and efficient manner (usually). Maybe THEY should be in charge of polling places!