Remember, I said before “It’s in God’s hands”. The country is so divided, with millions of Bush-haters, just voting for anything but him. And the Christian-right, voting… believing in…Bush to finish what we’ve started. Sure, Osama endorsed Kerry in his last-minute video-tape-bomb launch…he knows how little Kerry could affect, internationally. He is probably afraid of Bush’s resolve, Bush’s promise to keep moving forward, however offensively, until peace is established.
But, in the end, apparently the best answer, agreed upon by a majority of the record-breaking voting public, is to keep George W. in office. This means, to me, that the people who are closest to this whole international debacle will be able to continue their jobs, moving forward, rather than having to train a whole new group of neophytes. I’ve always wondered what sense it makes to train a bunch of new people in the middle of a war? They don’t have the history of being in on all those meetings, privy to all that information for all these years…
Anyway, its a good day. The agency where I work had all its candidates WIN; Attorney General, Governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Congressman. We planned media campaigns and placed the commercials for every one of those candidates and emerged victorious! We did something right! (and Right-wing-tee hee)
We can breathe a heavy sigh of relief and rest happy today, and look ahead to new directions.