For oh, so many reasons, the stress is settling in. Retailers are pushing hard on Christmas merchandise and even ingredients for Christmas cooking are prominently displayed, as if I’m going to worry about buying that stuff now, 6 weeks before the meal! (Okay, I admit I did buy 2 cans of that jellied cranberry sauce, ’cause I always forget to buy it for Thanksgiving dinner.)
And, there’s stress from the daughter in college. Apparently her el.ed. math grade is hovering in the “high F” range. WHAT?!?! You can get that grade whether you show up to class or not! And its a basic math class, not some high calculus thing. Her head is just not made for math; why not? It was my best class in high school…why didn’t that gene go to her? And, why hasn’t she figured out that the reason the university offers free tutoring and a huge “learning center” is so that people just like her can utilize it and not FAIL a class?! Oh, teenagers can be so frustrating; they act mature and responsible one moment and then the next so dumb.
Overall the rest of the stress stems from the potential for unemployment. I was hired on a contract basis, and the contract is up at the end of this month. They love me, they want me to stay, but alas, economics don’t allow it at this time…but that could change at any moment, with the closing of a new account. So, I wait.
I look for other jobs, but at this time of year, there aren’t many out there that I qualify for. But wait…there is huge opportunity at the governor’s office! It just so happens that I helped on his (winning)campaign, placing media throughout the state for the past 6 months. So, I would be highly considered for any government jobs, of which there will be many, but probably not open until mid-January, after the inauguration. Sounds really promising, until I realize that 700 also-qualified people submitted their resumes, and that was just on the day after the election. Wow. Hundreds each day since. Wow. And just how much do government jobs pay, anyway? Its gonna be a long winter, potentially without a paycheck. (gulp)