It sucks to be old. Mother-in-law’s body is not working, and may never get better; how awful to suddenly lose all your mobility? Therapy not doing much; they say she’ll just be this way for the rest of her life. And surrogate mother-in-law is in a similar boat, made worse by the fact that she is widowed and alone, with no computer for easy communication with family and friends! I know I, for one, am on the phone all day at work, and just don’t want to talk on the phone any more by the time I get home, so I am always guilty of not calling her…she always sounds so hurt when she says “I haven’t talked with you at all this month!” (old people keep track, you know)
What an icky day; 40’s and raining! One of those remote-control and jammies kind of days. But, no, I am here at work, and not much to do right now, so I’m making lists…that’s dangerous and borderline compulsive! I can put Martha Stewart herself to shame! I already have printed out tiny “custom” placecards for Thanksgiving dinner, made out my holiday meal grocery list, and scheduled out the entire week leading up to the feast, including which dishes to cook and when. Wow. That’s sounding a bit over the edge, even to me:) I wish those lesbian, vegan sex-starved weirdos whose blogs I always see would read this one! THIS is more close to NORMAL, friends! hahaha
Here’s my normal; sleep with the dogs and my husband, with an 11-year old climbing in at 6am ’cause he’s scared of burglers being in the house. Get up and walk one dog, then feed the fish, the cats, and the 2 dogs, and point the 11-year old toward the PopTarts. Throw a $20. at teenaged son just before he slams the front door. Visit with the 8-year old neighbor girl while you wait wiht her, outside in the cold, for her school bus. Take a shower and realize that the coffee in the pot is 2-days old, so bring mug to gas station for a double fill-up on the way to work. Home for a quick 30-minute lunch to throw in a load of laundry and clean the kitchen that never got cleaned from last night. Back to work until 5, when its time to pick up teenager from school (no busses). Dinner? Ohmigosh! I forgot to plan for dinner! Looks like scrambled eggs again… Big plans for the night? Hmmm…probably those jammies and the remote control that I mentioned before 🙂 I’ve been gone every night this week at meetings & class.
What’s exciting in my life? The comfort of normalcy…sleeping in a real cave with my son next weekend…finding a new job/career (hey; I said exciting..not fun!)…settling in and decorating a new house…parenting 3 very different children in 3 different life stages…finding a new organization that I believe in, to volunteer for…Exciting in my life is probably boring in someone else’s life, tho.