When you’re having a bad day, there is little better than hanging out with my dogs and cats. They don’t care if I’m in a bad mood…they just want to eat and be loved. Last night Charlie, the tall, scragly white mutt who looks, as my friend says, “like a bag of miss-matched parts”, was wanting me to play with him. I, however, was quite content sitting at the table reading. He kept coming over and “woof”ing softly to me, then would dash away, trying to get me to follow. He has this language, which runs the full range from outright barking to little muffled woofs to soft whining, and a surprising new language that is just teeth chattering! That one, he pulled on me yesterday morning; looked me in the eye and started loudly chattering his teeth. I was quite taken aback and learned (too late)later that he was desparate to go to the bathroom!! Maybe he really thought he was talking?
I’d love to post his picture, but I have to learn how, first šŸ™‚