Here’s an excerpt from a note I sent, first to Whirlpool Corp, the maker of my Kenmore washer, then to Sears, where they bounced me…and the meaningful(?) personal (?) form letter I got back!

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> From: kmoore
> Sent: Nov 22, 2004 1:30:48 PM CST
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> I own a 2-year old Kenmore top-loading washer, which I’m told is made by Whilrpool. I’m sure it was designed by someone who never actually used the equipment or tested it! The on/off-choose-your-cycle button is a push-button system. So, when you do what the directions tell you to do: 1) pull out the button to turn on the water, 2)put the soap in, and then 3) proceed to load the laundry…
> Picture this! The lid is open as you load the clothes…..and EVERY TIME the lid leans against the button and pushes it off! So, I repeatedly have to lower the lid again to turn the water back on (so I can add water to the softener in the center agitator, etc.).
> This just tells me that the product wasn’t tested appropriately! It is a very annoying tic in an otherwise good washer!
> Perhaps in the future, the Design Dept. will take into account the actual use of the product…
Dear Ms. Moore,

Thank you for contacting Sears.

We are sorry to hear that your washer is not working properly.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the information you have requested. Our product support team is able to answer questions regarding product features and selection only. Since they are not certified technicians, they do not have the expertise to answer technical repair questions. You may be able to locate the information you are seeking at one of the following websites:

To schedule service, please call 1-800-4-MY-HOME (1-800-469-4663) or click on the following link:

Chris B.
Sears Customer Care


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