I have been obsessively organized this week, cooking and cleaning a little each night (since I work all day), to be ready for the crowd at my house tomorrow and overnight tomorrow night (that means 2 extra meals to prepare). But, I am feeling quite calm and ready for company, which allows me the time to think about actually being thankful… I’m thankful that I’m calm and prepared!
I’m thankful for so many things, small and large: for 3 healthy, happy, smart children who are growing and maturing into pretty responsible little creatures; for a husband who loves me in spite of myself; for our lovely new home and the renters in our old home-that-hasn’t-sold-yet; for my new contact lenses that I can actually see out of; for my running friends who give me grief when I sleep in, but don’t seem to notice how bad I look at 5:20am; for the fact that, despite having had a rather crippling year financially, we seem to be handling it pretty well and we’ve realized that money problems are pretty insignificant in the big picture; for an extended family that is fairly functional, rather than “dysfunctional”; for dark chocolate; for L’Oreal hair products that keep me looking younger than my haggard old self should look; for my dogs who adore me; for my cats who are happy that I feed them; for my husband on the days when he’s thought to make the coffee already, so its there waiting for me when I pad into the kitchen; and for all the other surprising little miracles that happen not-so-coincidentally.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving in whatever traditional ways your family has created! God Bless you Every One! 🙂