Thanksgiving is over. Now, radio stations have switched to Christmas music 24/7 and I’m not sure I’m quite ready for THAT! But, I survived serving turkey and all to 17 for dinner…including guests from Casablanca, Morocco, and Tokyo, Japan! Isn’t that melding of cultures what Thanksgiving was originally about? We had various guests overnight and for meals Friday and Saturday, as well, which was really fun and rejuvinating in a way. Thank goodness for dishwashers. And that the porch was cold enough to operate as a 3rd refridgerator.
Then, working retail all weekend.
Yes, you heard it here first; I’m working retail thru Christmas, since my agency job is just 20 hours per week now. Retail is fun, in a way, but oh-so-humbling, and very exhausting. You are “on” for hours, smiling and chatting with people…and your legs and feet just weren’t made for standing that long!
I wonder if The Donald has ever worked retail? I think its good for you; you really see human nature! And I have a feeling I’ll see it more and more as we get closer to 12/25!!!