Whew! What a blur of a holiday season! Working odd retail hours, on top of parttime work at an advertising agency…on top of buying, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, etc. etc. and I am just exhausted remembering it all. K3 is back to school today, with K2 going on Wednesday and K1 on Sunday, so things will slowly be heading back to some semblance of normalcy. And…I have a bunch of job interviews this week, so that smells like some good potential to me! (God please grant us a better 2005 than 2004 brought us)

Fleeting highlights of the holiday:
* lacross stick in the Christmas tree
* dog chewed up Grampy’s winter jacket
* standing rib roast with Bordelaise sauce…Mmmmmmm!
* 6 degrees and 12″ of snow one week; 60 degrees the next
* Hubby now has his master’s degree (but I assured him he’s not MY master…)
* trip to visit Chicago family was very nice and more awesome food
* Williams-Sonoma has some awesome post-Christmas deals
* first Christmas in our new house was wonderful and our 360degree tree that we picked from a tree farm was gorgeous!
* more food and more food…I’ll be “holding up the rear” in my running group tomorrow morning! eeek.
* Very nice gifts for all and some fun gatherings as well
* Of course, vacuum cleaner broke just when I needed to clean up dog hair and pine needles before company arrived…thanks to Nurse Robyn for loaning hers 🙂

So, there’s been no time to write…so sorry. Didja miss me?