Okay. I admit it, right here and now. I am crazy about dogs. Well, about all animals, but especially dogs. In fact, I have that big mark on my forehead, I think, that says “sucker” and everyone knows and all dogs can sense it. Wherever I am, dogs come to me and we connect. No! I’m not “The Pet Psychic”, but I do have an innate understanding of them, I think. We connect. And, I can’t help but be drawn to every dog I see…I drive my family crazy, I know! “Look, a malamute in the car next to us” and “did you see that german shorthaired pointer?!” Eeek. I’m a freak. Its really too bad that I can’t turn this love…and this knowledge…of dogs into a well-paying career! (since I am in desperate need of one of those right now). I can identify almost any breed of dog and tell you the characteristics of them, too. Take a look at our newest guy, Charlie, who we adopted a year ago after he’d been found in the middle of a 6-lane highway & spent a week at Animal Control…He’s a breed I’ll admit I never knew before; a mix of Italian Spinone. Well, he’s a very skinny version; perhaps he’s really a terrior-greyhound mix. Or an Irish Wolfhound-Westie mix! tee hee.