Okay, I get it; its winter. 6 weeks to go ’til spring even considers arriving, even. But, I’m still remembering running last Thursday morning in 62 degree balmy weather! Now this morning, its -3. Go figure. Welcome to the Midwest, where things can change just that swiftly and just that dramatically. So, we missed our run this morning. I feel like the day after Thanksgiving; stuffed and chubby and no aerobic relief in sight. Just like every other American, I want to lose 10-15 pounds…preferably by mid-February, which is when I go to California for a little birthday weekend with my sisters and mom! But I’ll have to be content with a little no-fat light mocha from Starbucks and perhaps a session with Billy Blanks on DVD this afternoon (that’s TaeBo, you couch person). Say…didja like my pictures of Charlie? Doesn’t he just have that face that only a mother can love?? Next time I’ll show you some pics of Fiona, the wonder cat. She’s 20+ pounds and has little short legs that hide under her tremendous flubber. We got her to lose a huge 5 pounds shortly after we adopted her, but she eventually gained it back…(sound familiar?)