So, lots of other people have this posted on their sites as a little button on the navigational bar…but since I haven’t yet figured all that out…I’ll just do it this way!

100 things

  1. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago
  2. I walked 1 mile to school and back every day…really!
  3. I’m the 3rd of 4 children
  4. I love colors; pink, purple, green
  5. When I wear the obligatory black, I always have a colored shirt, etc. with it
  6. I look terrible in black and white
  7. I am very pale
  8. I rarely tan; I freckle and as I’ve aged, those are more age spots and blotches!
  9. I have been a model for over 18 years
  10. My “type” is “Midwest Mom” “Lady next door” and “business woman”
  11. I look very friendly and trustworthy and I’ve made money off that!
  12. My biggest pet peeve is people who are very self-centered and don’t pay attention to people around them
  13. Like, if I’m trying to merge, why won’t you let me?
  14. I believe that learning marching in gym class in 3rd –5th grade made me a better merger! All drivers should take marching classes.
  15. I carry all my weight in my thighs and butt; my sister who looks most like me carries hers in her torso; how can our body types be so different?
  16. I have 3 wonderful, smart children
  17. We are raising them to be independent, responsible, caring adults
  18. One of my kids is most like me academically, one is most like me personality-wise.
  19. the 3rd wrote all his own rules! And, because he’s 3rd, I guess we let him
  20. I wish I were 20 pounds lighter; oh geez, that’s what I used to weigh, pre-#3.
  21. my hubby and I have been married 22 years
  22. we met working together at WIFE radio
  23. his parents have been married for 55 years.
  24. my parents were married for 50 years until Dad died.
  25. we have a long way to go!
  26. his parents have friends who’ve been married 70 years!
  27. we have a long way to go!
  28. I run ever other day with my running group
  29. one of my dogs also runs with us.
  30. we have a fireman, a realtor, a couple teachers, a Marine, and a coach in our group…and me…and the dog.
  31. it keeps me sane and within the height/weight chart
  32. I like to be very organized; everything in its place
  33. you can drive me insane….really!…by moving stuff
  34. my kids take my scissors and tape all the time
  35. it makes me insane.
  36. they’re darlings
  37. I love animals of all kinds
  38. we have 2 dogs and 2 cats; my mom is allergic, so I had a pet-deprived childhood
  39. don’t get me started talking about pets and other animals; I can talk your ear off!
  40. I know about almost every dog breed and watch Animal Planet all the time
  41. I also watch HGTV and TLC and love home decorating shows
  42. we built a home in 2004 and moved in July
  43. it was the 3rd home we’ve built
  44. I love home decorating
  45. I love our new home; it’s a ranch with a finished basement.
  46. in my free time I make jewelry
  47. I wish I could sell more, but mostly give great gifts
  48. when I need some piece to go with an outfit, I just make it.
  49. I sell a bracelet that benefits ALS/Lou Gerig’s disease research (
  50. I try to drink 2 bottles of water a day
  51. I also take lots of vitamins
  52. my “real age” is way younger that my biological age (
  53. After college I stayed in Indiana
  54. That’s where I met my hubby and we’re still here
  55. my Chicago family thinks I live in a tiny town; everything outside of Chicago is a tiny town, they think
  56. the other reason I run is to be able to eat candy and cookies
  57. I love dark chocolate and cookies
  58. I’d lose 20 pounds if I gave them up, probably!
  59. I have green eyes
  60. I get very motion sick; when I was a baby, even. I always have to sit in the front seat and would really prefer to be the driver
  61. amusement parks are out of the question; I’m the coat and drink holder
  62. I could never be a flight attendant.
  63. I’ve thrown up from an elevator ride
  64. it was in a potted plant in the lobby of my office
  65. no alcohol was involved
  66. I am a fanatic about proper spelling and grammar; I think it shows a lack of intelligence to send stuff incorrectly
  67. I like to appear intelligent and was #6 in my h.s. graduating class of 600
  68. I’m terrible at remembering names, which is awful since I’m in sales
  69. I remember other things about people, tho, just not their name
  70. I often remember their dog’s name, but not theirs! Eek.
  71. I have an unusually strong sense of smell, inherited from my dad
  72. Please don’t talk to me if your breath smells; I can’t help but back away
  73. I love to bake
  74. I also like to cook for company, just not every single night
  75. I’m getting better at cooking since working fill-in shifts at Williams Sonoma
  76. I also have better stuff, due to the discount!
  77. I have great nails and don’t need acrylic ones
  78. I’m almost never sick, but when I am, its bad
  79. I have Vasovagal syncope and have fainted dozens of times
  80. Luckily I always feel it coming
  81. It happened on an airplane once; they had to stop the plane mid-taxi and take me back to the gate
  82. They carried me off the plane to a waiting ambulance
  83. They took me to a hospital where everyone spoke Spanish
  84. And yes, I was in the U.S! It was weird.
  85. I had the flu; i.v.’s sure take care of that quickly
  86. I took tap dancing lessons for at least 8 years
  87. Does that help my sales career? I’m still “tap dancing” hee hee
  88. My dream is to be rich enough to retire and just volunteer and donate money
  89. I don’t see that happening any time soon
  90. I have 3 children, and the first just started college
  91. we have at least 12 consecutive years of college to fund
  92. they’ll all have $tudent loans to repay when they graduate
  93. I’m getting close to 100 finally
  94. I can’t believe you’ve read all this
  95. my best body feature is my eyebrows
  96. my worst body feature depends on which day you ask
  97. I love seafood; scallops, especially
  98. but I’d skip it all and go straight to dessert if I could
  99. I love to shop for gifts for people
  100. I love to find a really good deal and shop online a lot.