Well, a little soggy; not like LA or anything, tho, where they’ve already had a year’s worth of rain, in just 2 months! eeek.
So, we are about 27 days into the “40 Days of Purpose” by Rick Warner; our small group, that is. We’re really into the pondering “Why am I here” stage. Missions; what am I supposed to be doing here? I guess I’ve always thought that I was put here to raise some really wonderful, independent kids who will become good, contributing citizens to society. (Well, that was after I realized that I was not going to be the next Mike Douglas or Jane Pauley.) So far, so good. We even got good news about K2 (kid #2) (see “who’s that man in my refridgerator?”) this weekend. We signed him up for a couple of golf lessons prior to h.s. try-outs and the golf pro told us that if he kept it up, we’d be able to retire in about 9 years! Wow. A real Tiger Woods? Of course, the pro could’ve been just trying to seal his own fortune for the next 9 years, too….lesson after lesson after lesson….hee hee.
Anyway, back to the “why am I here”…its far easier to eliminate all the reasons I’m NOT here…like, I’m NOT going to be rich anytime soon, or invent something that saves society, or achieve world peace. But, why AM I here? Who knows? Rick Warner’s book suggests that you just be vigilant to where God points you, and not be so worried about doing everything perfectly; just being there and doing what you already do is sometimes exactly the right thing. Other times, its overcoming your fear and “going for it”…because you know you “should”, whether it means saving someone from a burning car or attending your child’s Parent’s Day…you’ll never know ahead of time the impact you can have, I guess; its only hind-sight that gives you that knowledge.