Housecleaning is not really house CLEANING, of course. Its house STRAIGHTENING. My house is usually pretty clean; I mop, I vacuum, I scrub toilets (something my husband has not done one single time in 22 years of marriage), and all the other etc. But STRAIGHTENING? That’s something that I expect my kids and spousal unit to also participate in. Put away your clothes, don’t leave your snack items laying around (or the dog will eat the wrapper and the cat will knock over the half-full glass), if you borrow something, put it back when you’re finished, put your own stuff away when you’re done with it. It really seems so cut-and-dried…seems so obvious, so easy, so, well, automatic. At least thats the way I was raised. You know, the old thing about you open it, you close it; you finish it, you replace it; you move it, you move it back; you dirty it, you clean it. Why is that so hard for other people to follow through on? Why, oh why is my house so full of piles of crapola???? Why are my kids and husband so blind to the mess??!!! Why does it make me so psycho?! Is it really asking so much to expect this out of my housemates? Don’t you think they’d also appreciate living in a nice house that’s also clean and tidy? My house is brand new and gorgeous and I can barely enjoy it…the piles have crept in over the past 6 months already. Old mail, school papers, the remains of various projects, random socks, stuff that was cleaned from one place and landed in another, etc. etc. Help me!