Middle of the week. No holiday, no birthday, no great weather…just a week.
Ran 4 miles in 18 degree chills this morning, showered while husband took K2 to school, got call that K2 forgot something for school, so had to rush K3 and me through morning routine to dash to K2’s school to make the delivery. Aha! That gave me the opportunity to also register K2 for summer school while I was there! Score 1 Super Mom point! Then, off to K3’s school to drop him off. Score 2 Super Mom points ’cause K3 loves to not have to take the bus! Now, off to work, where I was still early enough to beat everyone else in…BUT that means I have to turn off the burglar alarm; what’s that code number again?? Score 3 Super Mom points for remembering my boss’s fraternity initiation number! hee hee.
Now, to work, to work. Remember the song from Mary Poppins that the pigeon lady sang? “Who Will Buy?”