I’m working here with Kirstie Alley in the background, babbling about her cocaine habit and her fatness….why do we care about this? Why can’t she get off her duff like the rest of us and head to the Y or go for a walk, or else admit that she’s 54 years old (geez, I hope I look half that good at 54!) and, well, that’s just life. I don’t want to hear about her Scientology and I don’t want to hear her whine any more! Her reality just isn’t the norm, in my opinion. MY reality is, I’m working here, trying to find some new clients, and taking a break to work on sewing a hot dog costume for a youth group show! My reality is, the mailman just delivered a registered letter about how much money we owe someone. My reality is, there is a stack of laundry and muddy paw prints on my wooden floors. My reality is, I have cellulite and am developing pooches on the sides of my jaw and I haven’t lost the baby weight from my 11-year old! So, sorry, Kirstie, I have no time for your whining today.