I volunteered to mentor a 13-year old girl from church. She’s a great kid, really, especially considering all she’s been thru in her short life; currently being raised by her grandmother. My dilemma of the day is this; what do I do with her? We meet weekly and have done the fast food dinners, the errands, etc. but I’m running out of weeknight ideas. I’d love to just have her hang out at my house, and teach her how to cook a few more meals for her family (she does all the cooking….at age 13! imagine!)…but I don’t think it would be comfortable for her to be in my home at this point; it is just way, way different than the home life she’s accustomed to. I don’t want her to feel that “different” from me. So, I’m still trying to come up with 1 1/2 hour weeknight activities…any suggestions?