No, this isn’t a commentary about the high price of gasoline…tho it could be! 🙂
I think I missed my calling in life as a nutritionist. Between my kids and a certain friend, it seems like I’m always preaching the merits of good nutrition. Why do people complain of migraines….but it never occurs to them that it could maybe, possibly, be because they don’t eat anything all day and never even drink water at all? They are starving themselves and living in a constant state of dehydration…so of course your body is going to be doing some weird things. And then there are the ones who say they have no energy, but they continue to eat only bagels and bread and cereal for every meal…but no protein, no veggies or fruit. It makes me crazy! Your car needs gas, not water…and your body needs the proper fuel to work properly, too! If people would just eat the proper foods every day, I think a large number of human ailments would disappear! (And by the way, alcohol does NOT count as your daily water intake!!)
Okay, I’m off my soapbox now…and back to my Oreos.