No, I love peeps! That’s the problem, see…I’ve been eating too many peeps…preferably the slightly-stale ones! and various other candies and cookies from Easter baskets. And I’m paying the price; the scale shows it and this morning’s run showed it, too…ugh!!! We’re training for a mini-marathon on 4/30 (Nashville Country Music Marathon and Mini)…and I really need to be running about 10 miles right now…but I was dying this morning…absolutely no energy…and I’m sure its sugar overload. So…my friend, Kurt, and my sister are both bugging me about Veggi-Matic juice. I’m gonna try it! I may even buy a juicer from Overstock ($130. for $52.)…whaddya think? Anybody have a recipe? Kurt says carrots, celery, parsley (to de-stinkify you), and apple (for flavor). I gotta think it is SO good for you….if you can just get past the yuck factor.