Its real. I feel it. I’ve lost sleep over it. Ihave genuine race anxiety. Call me mildly insane, I know, but I am actually driving 4 1/2 hours down and 4 1/2 hours back for the dubious pleasure of running 13.1 miles in what could be a full thunderstorm! That really does sound wacky, doesn’t it? But, I am committed to running 2 half-marathons each year with my running group…one in the spring and one in the fall. It keeps the carrot in front of my nose, keeps me “out there” exercising regularly, etc. etc. But the days before the race are always a bit nerve-wracking. Especially this one, since its in Nashville; I’ve never run in it before so I’m not familiar with the route , parking, etc. and I could very easily be running the majority of it alone, since my group is small for this one, and they are really pushing for great times….and I’m older than they are! And not so motivated! But, sigh, I spent the bucks already, paid for a hotel, etc. and can’t back out now….so WISH ME LUCK! And pray the demons of various potential physical ailments stay away…. 🙂