Well, it didn’t rain in Nashville on Saturday morning…well, kinda, but not much more than a misty-drizzle. Just enough to melt the Body Glide off my inner thighs, so I have major chafing wounds! Eeek. And, okay, I’ll admit this publicly…no wait, first you have to know that I have run in more than a dozen half-marathons over the past years, so I’m not a neophyte…but I actually did get sick at…..mile two. (Can you see me blush with shame?) I am blaming it on the incredibly long porta potty lines pre-race; I wasn’t fully prepared to run for over 2 hours! Anyway, I have too many gastro and female issues and may never do a long race again. I did manage to gut it out (ewww…word choice) and considering all, my “under 2 1/2 hours” time wasn’t all that bad, I guess. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. My running partners finished about 30 minutes before I did!!
I decided that running a marathon or 1/2 marathon is a lot like childbirth; you look forward to it and plan every little thing about it, and after its all done, you look back on it fondly and enjoy reliving it with other participants, over a fresh lager and a country band or two….but the actual act of doing it often is painful and well, something you just sorta forget. At least for me, because I am not a “real runner“; that is, I am a runner who merely runs so I can eat Oreos and sip mochas without too much guilt. And, thanks Busy Mom, for thinking of me!! 🙂