I am a runner, not a cyclist…altho its been said that most bikers are former runners (who’ve been injured, etc.)…but tonight I’m hitting the road with my old friend, Scott, for a 12-mile trek to commemorate those who’ve been hit while cycling…namely, Scott’s dear friend, Dave, who was hit by a car and killed about 20 years ago while on a rural ride with Scott. Back then, few people wore helmets…thankfully we’ve seen some progress since then.
Well, in order to ride tonight, I had to take my (1983 Schwinn Le Tour) bike in and have the tires replaced, chain greased (mechanic: “geez, this thing’s dry as a bone”), replace batteries in my Cateye odometer/speedometer, and buy a helmet! I am so ready. Hubby’s been starting to ride his bike a bit (transl: tall daughter’s cool bike), so maybe we’ll have a new sport (transl: exercise!) to share. I’m excited to get back on my bike, tho; haven’t ridden since I was injured from running about 2 years ago…hence the dried-up tires and chain 🙂
Public Service announcement of the day: please wear your helmet and make your kids wear them, too! I’ve heard of way too many close calls!!