In the words of the precocious 8-year old next door, to my husband…”They just grow up really fast, don’t they?” Well, little Kimberly, my niece, just graduated from high school. That means that she will be headed to Oklahoma (where?!) for college in just 3 short months…the 3rd kid in the family, now, to head off for higher education. Wow. Little Kim. And, 4th in her class, too. Way to go, Kim! (Now quit saying “Me and my boyfriend” and quit ending sentences with “at”, as in, “Here’s where my prom was at”…eeek! What’s up with poor language skills today?! (And Mom, typos don’t count))
Summer has officially started for my 5th….er, 6th…. grader…and my college freshman daughter. Poor middle child still has 2 h.s. finals before he can officially celebrate. And, no summer vacation in sight for husband OR myself! Well, we’ll squeeze in a long weekend here and there…but we’ll never have that “school’s out for summer!” feeling again, like we had that last day of school.
They make a big deal out of 5th grade graduation here, since the kids are now on to middle school. Graduation ceremonies were Thursday, and Friday was the last day of school, so as the 5th graders proceeded down the hallway towards the door for that last time, all the teachers and parents lined the halls and applauded; many of the girls sobbed and boys pretended to be cool with it. It was very touching. Then, those kids whose parents had picked them up, raced to the front of the school to wave furiously as the busses pulled away for that last time. Even my son, who has struggled to like 5th grade all year, solemnly commented on the way home, “I’m really gonna miss this, Mom. I’m gonna miss all those kids, and my teacher.”