Band Camp; isn’t that such an American tradition? My youngest, K3, is entering middle school in the fall, which marks the official beginning of band. So, they start the kids out in the summer, so quickly bring them “up to speed”. Its amazing, really; Friday we picked up the alto sax (ed: just shoot me; give a 12-year old boy a loud, squeaky horn…introduce it to the dog, who proceeds to howl every time it comes out of the case…or was that me howling?!) , which he didn’t even know how to put together, let alone how to blow into it. Monday he proudly went off to 4-hours of camp, and by Tuesday afternoon was playing a real song! Okay, it only had 3 notes, but it was recognizable! I think he’s a prodigy! hee hee. And, the dog is now howling in the right key, by the way; play a C note, and he howls C….maybe I can win that $10,000 America’s Funniest Videos, yet!