Busy weekend. Birthday party at Laser Tag place; note to all birthday party retailers; do it just like this place did; greet parents at the door and introduce yourself, saying, “Relax; we’ll handle everything”….and they did! I didn’t even put the candles on the cake or refill a single drink! And 7 12-year old boys had a roaring good time shooting each other with phaser guns, playing video games, and eating. Hubby and I relaxed later that evening on a nice boat ride with friends…yes, central Indiana has a reservoir, but at dusk with a beautiful red setting sun, you’d swear you were anywhere other than that! Blue herons, nostalgic music, etc. and it turned into a great night. Okay, the guys took over the music and we were subjected to some Led Zepplin and Blood, Sweat and Tears, and a lot of 40-something air guitar, but it still fit the mood. Teenaged daughter K1 called in the midst of it all, and upon hearing rather hysterical laughter and music, asked, “Mom?! What are you doing? Are you drunk??!” She couldn’t quite come to grips with her parents having a good time on a Saturday night and hung up on me! And for once, she went to bed before us!