Heard of it? Its a peninsula that sticks out into Lake Michigan at the top of Wisconsin. It is a series of charming and quaint little towns with names like Egg Harbor and Fish Creek and Sister Bay. For history buffs, there are tales of centuries-old shipwrecks and lighthouses, and for shoppers there are scores of little shops, all seemingly decked out with gorgeous gardens and cute signs. Not a franchise in sight…barely even a gas station. What a relaxing place. We even took in an official fish boil (no, its not an annoying skin disease…) Yum!! (okay, the finished product shown in that link looks way icky, compared to the butter-soaked plates that we actually had…)

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Oh yeah, that would be Grandma’s 3am- to-the-bathroom flashlight…or the reflection off Grammy’s cane. Hah! Its true! We converged on Door County with 9 people, including 3 grandparents and an extra 11-year old boy (as if one wasn’t enough). Whew! And it worked! We all had a grand time…(grandparents, get it?) Seriously, the grandparents got a kick out of spending real time with the kids and the kids seemed to enjoy everybody being together, too. Fireworks, go-carts, shopping, eating, miniature golfing, eating, etc. and did I say eating? All for a nice long weekend.

Oh yes, and one more thing…..no humidity! 75 degrees and NO HUMIDITY! Then, back to Indiana, land of a constant sauna lately. Oh well, I got a good run in Saturday, in 55 degree coolness, along county roads. Very nice. I highly recommend vacations 🙂