Midlifing…as in living in midlife. The recent Time Magazine article explained it quite well….read it! hee hee. Basically, a guy can buy a red sports car and/or hook up with a pretty young thing (you’d better NOT)….but a woman is so much more complex…or not so easily pleased, hmm? So, we volunteer some more, take on more pets, go on “adventure” trips, buy more new shoes and clothes, handbags, and cosmetics (okay, and skin care!) and we’re still “in a funk”. That’s where blogs come in, I s’pose…..connecting with others like me šŸ™‚ Well, they don’t usually KNOW I’m “connecting”…that’s “lurking” and I’m the Queen of Lurkdom. So, Busymom and BunnyBurrow and MommyMatters and StumblingthroughLifeWithGrace, now you know! Who else? I’m still a plebe at this, so feel free to clue me in.