We should all have times when we sit back and think about the GOOD things, rather than only the inconvenient ones. Oprah has some word for that…a praise journal, maybe? Whatever. Here goes…WE RENTED OUR HOUSE LAST WEEK!!! We have owned 2 homes for over a year now and finally someone will assist us with one of those (big) mortgages. Hallaleuja. Not a moment too soon, too, since 2 tuitions loom, and soccer fees, school fees, a colonoscopy, etc. etc. Other goodies…3 healthy kids. All happy in school. We live in a beautiful home on a golf course. Husband has a new job that he really likes. Benefits are good. Sales are looking better for fall in my job. I work out regularly. We attend church with a bunch of friends. Life is good. Now, if I could just figure out how to make this blog better….still working on pictures, links, etc. (I need help, BusyMom!) Good thing I’m married to a computer geek ( www.nealmoore.com)