We do have a very dear friend, Fred, a former neighbor and running partner, who moved to New Orleans a few years ago. He lives less than a mile from Lake Ponchartain, in an area that is apparently submerged in over 6 feet of water right now. I know he and family fled to a sister’s house in Baton Rouge…but now what? How do you recover from 6 or more feet of water in your home, covering Oriental rugs and leather sofas? Eeek. What a disaster for so many people. When will kids be back to school? Wow… I ran along that lake just last year.
On a much lighter note, I worked a concession stand for charity at a concert last night and got to see my college daughter! She’s been back to school for 2 weeks, so it was good to see her…and of course she bummed twenty bucks from me for food.