I’m still overwhelmed by all the coverage and questions of “why no supplies?”, etc. Its much like that post-9/11 feeling of powerlessness and some hopelessness. I’m starting to turn to stupid sit-coms just to get my mind off it. “Joey” made me laugh last night!
Meanwhile, we are still tracking friend, Fred, now in Baton Rouge at his sister’s, along with his mom and wife/daughter. They’re having to make some very difficult decisions such as buying a new house there, enrolling daughter in a new high school there, etc. She already tragically lost her mom at age 9, moved cross-country at age 12, and now will have to change h.s.’s as a junior, separated from all her friends. Wow. She’s an amazing girl, tho, and mature beyond her years…no wonder. Pray for them.
By the way, you can find satellite photos of Katrina-damaged streets here Also, here Its pretty amazing!