You may know that we moved a year ago, into a house we’d built. So, that means we’re still puttering here and there, moving pictures around, etc. We can’t quite find a good place for the piano…no, I don’t like it in the dining room! so it may end up downstairs in the finished-basement-I-guess-we’ll-call-it-a-rec-room. That means we need to get rid of the foos ball table that no one uses. In fact, we have enough junk for a garage sale! but I hate doing them…will someone please come here and do it for me?
Meantime, I am also trying to decided on colors, etc. for the dining room walls. My friend will faux paint it and I know it will be gorgeous…but I need to decide on some colors…everything else is neutral. Then, maybe that garage sale that someone needs to help me with, will raise enough money to pay my friend the painter!