When I was in my twenties, that meant “hump day”, a day when all the DINK’s from work got together and had a beer (or two) and talked about nothing. Now that I’m in my 40’s, here’s my Wednesday: Vacuum house before work(2 dogs and 2 cats springing hair off, as I watch). Continue to nurse sick coyote-attacked kitty, whose wounds are now starting to look way, way worse, as they get better (like a severe burn, the vet said). Make lots of phone calls for work. Check in with company where I’m trying to get a new job; 3rd interview pending, no progress. Pick ups from 3 schools (2 are mine; 3rd is evacuee from New Orleans) and make sure they settle down to study (with snacks). Head 1/2 hour away to Cross Country meet, then dash son to basketball tryouts as soon as he’s finished running. Dinner? geez, it’ll be 8pm by then…Pizza night, I think! Again!
Hey one more thing…our rescued dog that we’ve had for nearly 2 years, and all this time we were told he was an Italian Spinone mix….looks just like a couple of labradoodles that we’ve found online. Take a look!! www.bocker.tv This dog is actually making money being in TV commercials! We always knew our Charlie was cute….