My neighbor recently told me that if he had to come back to Earth as a dog, he wanted to be my dog! hahaha. Its so true, tho; we really do love and spoil our pets. 2 cats (one, sleeping on the desk, under the warm lamp, next to me…the other in the sun on the screened porch) and 2 dogs. Yes, its true, I’ve been known to slip shredded cheese into the dog’s bowl to get him to eat his food. And yes, at least one dog sleeps with us…why do you think we got a king-sized bed? I am always trying to find a dog for someone; same neighbor just adopted a lab from lab rescue and she’s a real sweetheart. I visit websites regularly, just to check out “what’s out there” looking for a home. is my favorite; you can plug just about anything in there and they’ll find it for you! So, go ahead… a life; it will truly enrich yours, too! Here’s my current midwestern favorite.