I do think I have adult ADD…I flip around from one thing to another. This morning at 8am I was cleaning the fridge…Here are a few things on my mind:
1). Friend Allison, the evacuee from New Orleans. She’s been coming here every Weds. after school to “study” with my son and another friend. Last night I cooked dinner for 4 teenagers (hubby is out of town all week again…see his blog @ http://iunews.blogspot.com/2005/10/final-ceremony.html ). Anyway (see…ADD!) the kids were great and had so much fun together. It felt good to know that Allison has this break in her week, to get her mind off all the depressing stuff of her home in New Orleans, Dad’s new wife, friends she’s apart from, a best friend who recently died in a car crash, etc. You have to find those moments…
2). Guilt. I always feel guilty, working from home. I should be making phone calls right now, but here I am!
3). Fiona, the formerly fat cat. You know, the one who was attacked by a coyote (don’t you read this blog regularly??). Now, I’m having to change dressings every day; 5 layers of stuff over raw flesh. What I do for love…the other alternative was surgery…but I hate to put her through all that again, right when she’s just gotten perky again (ahem…it was also over $800.)
4). Norah Jones and Dolly Parton…a new CD “Feels Like Home” I’m listening to right now.
5). The guy who’s renting our old house….he is very picky, apparently, and keeps making us fix dumb stuff that is really adding up to many hundreds of dollars…..stuff that we’ve lived with for years! Like a door that floats open, a shower handle that leaks….nothing that is very bad, and even the handyman thinks he’s overly picky. That handle cost nearly $400., since they had to go through the wall to get to it….and its in the basement!! Who cares?!
6). Kitchen curtains; I really wanted to get them up before hubby comes home (oops, you read that, didn’t you, punk?)….may not happen.
7). Work…oh yes….I’d better get to it!!
8). Home; haven’t been “home” to Chicago since April…miss it, but kids sports every weekend keep us in Indy….