So last weekend was all about the daughter, tho we rarely saw her, since she was working at Vicki’s Secret every day. Good for her! Earned some money to pay for all the “hoodies” she’s been buying.
This weekend we’re heading out on a traditional extended family “camping extravaganza and eating jamboree”. Brother and his family, sister and her hubbie, my mom, and my family…all together under the stars in tents, and cooking on a real campfire. Sound so wonderful….until you check and find out it will be in the 30’s overnight! EEEKKKKK!!! That means sleeping with a hat on…and we’ll definitely have 2-dog nights, too….we’re bringin’ the boys! See previous post for Charlie(aka Chuck, Charles, Budski, etc.)…the other mutt is a golden retriever/Irish setter mix named Rex. He is a true love muffin; wants to be pet, etc. all the time. He’ll keep us very warm…I know the food will be good, and great fall colors in the state park during the day….I just hope we don’t regret the sleeping outside part!