Okay, we’re down to the wire here. You’ll notice I haven’t written in awhile; its been pretty stressful around here. …
Now I’m into final preps for the holiday. We only have 11 people coming, but it takes the same prep as 30! Let’s see…today is housecleaning (gotta wait ’til the last minute on that one, since the dogs shoot hair out regularly!). And I’ll be making a jello mold…and the sweet potatoes are boiling; have to turn them into some casserole (okay, I admit it…I’ll do the marshmallow and brown sugar thing). And put together some appetizers. Tomorrow morning the bird goes in; the easy thing is that we’re not eating ’til 5:30pm (someone’s work schedule…) so I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to put it in or anything. And, I have time for a quick “Turkey Trot” run at 7am before the final preparations begin. Of course I also have to make my 5th or 6th trip to the grocery, too, since I forgot a few important things (butter…cream cheese).
Have a wonderful holiday! And be sure to watch WGN at 7pm Central time Sunday night for the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Kid2 is marching with the Cathedral HS “Pride of the Irish” marching band…..should be fairly close to the front. He’s playing mellophone. Go Irish!