My muscles are sore. No, I didn’t run this weekend…unfortunately, since I certainly ate lots of junk. But I’m still sore. Its the retail thing. I fill in at Williams-Sonoma during the holidays, which means standing on a cement floor for hours on end…which makes my joints sore. And lots of deep knee bends, as I grab for bags. But I do enjoy the work, for the most part. Its certainly easy and fairly brainless, and definitely social. I enjoy taking the crabbiest customer and getting them to be in a better mood by talking with them or just giving them extra service (like wrapping their gift, etc.). Well, many crabbies can be transformed….not all! There are still those who think the world revolves around them; the ones who want separate receipts for every item, and each item wrapped separately….while 6 people wait in line behind them….and they only spent $30! Its always the low spenders who require the most service..why is that? The ones who spend hundreds…or thousands…never expect much and seem to be much more appreciative. Why is it so hard for some people to be pleasant and appreciative? Why do they have to go around acting so entitled? THOSE are the people who make me miserable!