that means “Christmas is coming”! And the family is getting increasingly excited. I thought I’d tell you how dumb I am. Now, you may know me well enough to know that I am dumb sometimes, or you may be genuinely surprised to find out this little-known fact. So, here goes. I was working 6-midnight or so last night, and scheduled to work 9a-4p Saturday, Christmas Eve, with the in-law family arriving at our house at 4pm for a huge dinner of rib roast, etc. and gifts galore. I was starting to panic, telling my family that really, with me working all night, and all the next day, I only had 3 hours to prepare. I was placing hors d’oeurve plates on the counter, mixing dips, etc. and setting the dinner table, so when I arrived home from work Christmas Eve, all would be ready to go. Suddenly my daughter said to me….Mom! Tomorrow is Friday! Its not Christmas Eve until the NEXT DAY! I, of course, said, nuh-uh and then….total silence as I realized that I did, indeed, have an entire extra day to prepare. W*O*W did I feel dumb. But what a gift! A gift of a day…to watch Holiday Inn, etc. (Actually I spent a portion of the day at the Minute Clinic, getting antibiotics for an icky sinus infection…such is life).