Gosh, I haven’t been very good about keeping you updated, have I? Well, things are always crazy. Friend Tom was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder and was hospitalized for 6 days while they forced nearly 6 gallons of an expensive plasma-related goo into his system. He will not be cured, but should eventually find his symptoms have been eased. That’s what we pray for! It did motivate me to donate blood, which I hadn’t done in quite a few months. They love me there; I’m very healthy and have a fairly rare blood type; A-
Kids and all had a great Christmas; we managed to get each one something that they loved and were very surprised to receive; that always makes me happy! After-Christmas bills aren’t too awful…but we’re still buried in other debt, including tuition payments and a construction loan that won’t allow us an extension…don’t know where that money’s coming from? I’m working on a new job; perhaps that will help stop the bleeding. We have just been incredibly unlucky for the past 2 years….I’m so hoping that we’re over that cycle and headed in a more positive direction now.
Well, next post I’ll show you some good pictures…