My 16-year old said I should have a blog just about “rants”, so I’ll do this one entry for him, okay? Weather has been unseasonably warm this month, so when we got some snow last night…all the idiots were out driving as I tried to commute from one place to another. Why do people think that a little bit of snow falling means they have to put blinkers on and drive 15 miles per hour?! Get outta my way, folks! I’m not a crazy driver, but really the weather was just fine to go a steady 25-30 WITHOUT blinkers!! and if you’re a grandpa in a silver Buick or Pontiac hunched down in the seat with nothing but your hat and handicapped hanger showing….you shouldn’t be out in this weather anyway…go home to your cats.
And while I’m ranting….why didn’t my husband put the trash out this morning? that’s like the only household chore he’s regularly responsible for…and has missed it 3 of the last 4 weeks now.
Why don’t people answer voice mails any more? I get tired of being completely ignored by clients, potential clients, and prospective employers, after leaving vm after vm day after day. Yes, emails too. Have people become that rude?
I spent much of the holiday weekend doing a huge perge of an unfinished basement room, painting and organizing and turning it into a friendly sewing and craft room for myself….shelves full of wrapping paper, fabrics, jewelry supplies, and seasonal decorations. It looks great! I actually have space to move around, iron some, etc……no wait. The reality here is, I finished the room, painting and all, sometime Saturday afternoon and by Sunday afternoon my 2 teenaged sons had moved a drum set, 2 guitars, 2 amps, and a soundboard with microphone into MY ROOM!!! They said the accoustics were good since they could close the door and not disturb the rest of the house so much. AAHHHHHHEEEEE!!!!! So much for my private creative space. There is an advantage to having the drums more muffled now…..but I am not that willing to give up my beautiful avacado-shaded walls that soon!! 😦
Well, back to work; I have to leave a few more v.m.’s that people will probably never return…