Precious Sunday; usually up and off to church, but today we slept in, ate pancakes and sat around watching “The Actors Studio”. Ah…relaxation.
I’m asking you for some important prayer for us, tho….it is Sunday, after all! Our renter has indicated some interest in buying our albatros…I mean HOUSE… You can’t even imagine what a tremendous relief that would be to not have to worry about that house any more…no more extra mortgage payments, property tax, expensive repairs, concern that the sump pump will keep running, bad credit reports from having 2 houses on our surprisingly low income, etc. Oh please, please let it happen. And while you’re at it, put in a good word for me on a job; I’ve had a couple interviews, and am waiting word…I’d love to keep my current job; its the perfect job, since I work from home and make my own hours! But, I’d need to close a lot more business on a regular basis for me to make the income we need……its just not happening and I’ve given it a year!