Eating hot wheat cereal…tastes just like the “Hot Ralston” we had as a kid, which they don’t make it any more, but this tastes just like it! 4G fiber…My 19-year old came home from college the other night (its an hour away)…just to spend the night with us! She tires of the party scene there and apparently gets bored just sitting around….I’ll take it while I can, ’cause once a boyfriend enters the scene, she’ll spend all her time with him!
Tomorrow is the first “Comedy Sportz” match for my 16-year old, which is exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. Its improvisational competition between schools, much like “Whose Line is it Anyway?” on Comedy Network. Good for thinking on your feet…
Super Bowl…everything is Super Bowl and Super Bowl eating. the Colts screwed up; so close, yet didn’t get there.
Still job hunting; I love my current job, since I’m home all the time….but I’m bored and I’m broke, making 1/2 what I used to make. So, awaiting word from a tv station(won’t happen), 2 ad agencies(won’t happen for a couple months), and now another company who pursued me. I don’t know what the perfect job would be…probably staying home and making $100,000 or so!!! Hah!! Or working with animals….but the money has to be there, with 2 houses and 2 tuitions, and it just hasn’t been there at all. Its sad that you can’t just live your life without having to worry about the finances. Is that what God intended?
Here’s what I do well…take care of people. My good friend called to tell me her favorite aunt passed away. So, I’m bringing food and taking care of her dog, so she can be with her mom. That’s what I do.